A little help please!

Bob Cortez rjcortez at gmail.com
Wed May 2 05:25:31 UTC 2007

> In case you missed the idea of Free and Open Source Software - as an Ubuntu
> user, you are now part of the "team" - if you think the documentation needs
> improvement and have ideas ( as you do) about how to improve that, you can
> contribute to the wiki, or join the documentation team, or choose from
> some of the alternatives for contribution at
> http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate
> Peter

I get the idea.  That's why I joined launchpad and report bugs.
That's why I created and maintain a ubuntu custom search engine
(http://alaskanbest.com/ubuntusearch.htm) for other newbies like me.
I also contribute here and other user forums when I have something to
offer - which isn't often or much.  Clearly I have a lot to learn,
particularly in regards to the history, dynamics and culture of
Ubuntu.  While I've used Linux distributions for web hosting for
years, I just recently switched to Ubuntu for my desktop.  I'm not
sure I'm really qualified to be anything more than a crash test dummy
at this point.  My posts in this thread was just to point out that the
existing documentation for newbies like me isn't as clear and easy as
some here suggest and believe.  I'm going to look at volunteering to
help with the documentation, particularly for those that are late
bloomers like me who are coming to Ubuntu from other desktop OS's.


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