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Tomoki Taniguchi wrote:
> I am trying to find instructions on replacing/augmenting the login
> procedure by using a smart card reader.
> I want to either replace the standard username and password login
> system completely,
> or augment the system by requiring the insertion of the smart card
> pior to being able to login
> Can anyone help me find instructions on how to get this to work with ubuntu?

   The operative part is called PAM, Pluggable Authentication Modules.
If you'll look into some LDAP setups, you'll see how they add another
means of authenticating to the existing system.  Reading up on PAM is a
great start.

    You'll have to have some code that reads the device, let PAM know
about it...and exactly what else is unclear.

    I tried to get someone to work with me on a credit card login which
is very similar; it would make setting up an internet cafe blissfully
easy...I hope you have better luck than I.  On the up side, there's
probably more _smart_card_ related docs on Google than credit cards.

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