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Jeremy Thompson wrote:
> Hey all,
>  I've searched the forums and this mailing list and nothing seems to
> address what I want to do.  I think it's mostly cause I don't know what I'm
> really searching for.
>  I have a nice big FreeNAS Server at home with a WindowsMCE box set up.  I
> want to RIP all my DVDs to the server and have them stream to my MCE box
> which will display them on a projector at a 1024*768 resolution.
>  I know there are a ton of software programs to rip and back up to DVD.  I
> dont' want to create a back up.  I want a file that I can play on all of my
> Ubuntu, WinXP, and Apple boxen.
>  As a side not dvd::rip is almost to a 1.0 revision, but the universe still
> only has 0.52.5 available.  Is there a way for me to load the new one
> without causing problems with the package manager?
>  I appreciate it.  I'm happy to RTFM, I just can't seem to find one that
> addresses what I want.

    The *easiest* way to rip'em is with Thoggen; it's in the repos. It's
not always perfect, but when you're done you'll have a nice .ogg file to
share (assuming your clients have that plugin).

    This is how I do it; I have a Linux box sharing a RAID array for all
the workstations in the house, and I specify the a server location as
where the result will go. It should be very similar in your situation,
I'd think.

    You should be able to get Thoggen from the "Add/Remove Applications"
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