Two ubuntus, one doesn't display

alex aradsky at
Tue May 1 15:16:17 UTC 2007

debiani386 wrote:

>alex wrote:
>>My CRT monitor recently went kapoot so I replaced it with a flat panel 
>>LCD version. 
>>Previously, both UBUNTUs,(6.06 and 6.10) that I have installed displayed 
>>properly but now with the LCD monitor, the 6.10 version produces a 
>>notice "out of frequency" on the screen and nothing else. There doesn't 
>>seem to be any way to bring up a normal display to adjust its settings.  
>>The monitor adjustment screen also is not accessible. I also have a 
>>bootable UBUNTU DVD that does display properly and I can access the two 
>>other UBUNTUs.
>>I suspect that the version that shows that notice has screen settings 
>>set to some frequency that's not acceptable by the LCD monitor.
>>However, if I press Ctrl, Alt and F1, the screen does display a command 
>>request in terminal mode.  I suspect that if I could enter the proper 
>>commands, I could change the screen settings to something that would be 
>>acceptable to the monitor.
>>Short of simply removing the UBUNTU that doesn't display, what can I do 
>>to restore it? 
>Tip: Running the Xconfig command in the terminal will allow you to 
>change the available resolutions.
>Appearently, your current resolution or refresh rate is set too high for 
>your LCD.
>To fix this, you will need to boot to ubuntu, when the screen says "Out 
>of frequency" press CTRL+ALT+Delete
>type Xconfig
>follow the onscreen instructions
>Correct me if im wrong
CTRL+ALT+Delete doesn't seem to be the right command.  I tried CTRL+ALT+F1
and then Xconfig which wasn't recognized.


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