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Tue May 1 08:03:06 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-04-30 at 11:34 -0400, Johnathan Falk wrote:
> One of the biggest things that linux users forget all the time is that
> Microsoft doesn't have a monopoly because of their pretty desktop because if
> desktop beauty was the deciding factor we would all use OS X.  The biggest
> thing is that one a windows server you can have Ldap + Kerberos + File
> Serving setup in under 10 minutes with no hassle. On windows its "Hey do you
> want to install Active Directory? Ok I can do that for you type your dns
> domain name and admin password POOF! I'm done."
> I have spent the last 4 days trying to get Ldap + Kerberos + NFSv4 to work
> at home with a little 6 node network and I can't even do that, how do you
> expect me or anyone to try and deploy this at a business or a school?  Its
> practically impossible to find a good howto on this, and then feeding ldap
> information with ldif's? What the hell?! Yes I know this is standard but I
> come from a windows world and to paraphrase the Mac people "it just works"
> I am sick of struggling with this and pretty soon am just going to go back
> to windows work stations.
> If someone could give me a great (not just a good) howto on installing ldap
> + kerberos + NFSv4 for homedirs that would be great.  I'm on a all feisty
> network.
> Maybe in the next iteration of Ubuntu instead of just 1. DNS server and 2.
> LAMP server, they could have another option Directory Server.
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very good point, it should be much easier to implement than it is.

I work at a school, every time i get enough spare time to think about
implementing ldap the whole thing goes wrong and I run out of time. I've
had so many attempts and just given up. Its a headache I'd rather be

 I'm from a school where all they've had in the past 5 years is Linux,
and this would help so much to have an automated installer to setup LDAP
+AUTH+NFS. Many of my colleagues in other schools would consider linux
if it was as easy to implement an Active-Director kind of thing. 

I can't say that I have any experience of AD as I came right out of uni
to go into linux sys administration.
Let me know if you find any info tucked away in some dark corner of
tinternet. You'd be a hero, as I just don't have the time to keep
researching the subject any more.

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