e17 problem on Ubuntu Feisty after series of updatess

bong bungalan bbungalan at gmail.com
Tue May 1 01:01:52 UTC 2007

At first install, e17 works fine with UBUNTU but since everyday there 
are updates available, I click always to update my box (having a mindset 
that "Updated" is always good - in Windows(r) world). And then e17 is 
misbehaving... I cant change its option/configuration - i.e. cant change 
the theme, cant move the shelf and its contents, except for few items 
like changing the appearance of the shelf but, cannot add, move, delete 
any items on it.

In my own logical reasoning - Uninstalling via synaptic (checking for 
complete removal and uninstallation for all e17 and enlightenment 
modules including themes) and reinstalling it again the way i first 
install it would solve the problem but to my surprise, the previous 
setting i left behind and want to be out is the same setting that take 
effect after re-installation of e17. (Now i can conclude that what i've 
learned in windows(r) world may not be applicable in Linux :D) im a 
linux Newbie i hope u understand. I really love the way Enlightenment 
(e17) do the job anyway - Customizable the way you want. Thats why im 
crazy enough to work on how to make it work Again. :-)

Now, my ENlightenment gets worse... Googling for e17 release got very 
few result and i cant find in there the help i want.

BIg THanks,

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