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Sat Mar 31 11:19:24 UTC 2007

Peter Garrett wrote the following on 28.03.2007 23:59:


>> So, why don't they ask first before installing this?  It is certainly a
>> legitimate request, and I don't mind helping out the packagers at all,
>> but to find out that it's running via the list was a bit
>> disconcerting...
> It only runs if you agree to run it. It is off by default.  One way to
> change to yes/no  is
> sudo dpkg-reconfigure popularity-contest 
> but I seem to recall there is a question about it in the GUI installer
> too...
> Peter

yes it is turned off by default and i *always* got asked to participate.

$ sudo aptitude reinstall -d popularity-contest
$ mkdir test
$ cd test
$ cp /var/cache/apt/archives/popularity-contest_1.39ubuntu5_all.deb .
(you may have to change your package version accordingly)
$ dpkg -x popularity-contest_1.39ubuntu5_all.deb .
$ vim usr/share/popularity-contest/default.conf

 # PARTICIPATE can be one of "yes" or "no".
 # If you don't want to participate in the contest, say "no"
 # and we won't send messages.
 # If this option is missing, the default is "no".

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