spamassassin - edgy

John Dangler jdangler at
Thu Mar 29 19:04:23 UTC 2007

I'm running evolution 2.8.1 and just installed spamassassin. I'm trying
to read up on how to configure this, but i'm getting some conflicting
instructions depending on which page i look up the information in.

Does spamd have to be enabled?
Does spamc have to be installed?

There's a page that says to look in mail->preferences, and tell evo to
check for spam, but i don't see that option in 2.8.1 (but there is a
check for junk, and a use remote for this as well)

I also read a page that says to create a special mail folder and put
some spam mail in it, then cd to that folder and run sa in it, but
creating mail folders doesn't create sub directories
in .evolution/mail/local.  It creates a collection of files.  Running
sa-learn for spam in mail/local seems as though it would mark my entire
mail tree as spam.

Anyone have some input as to how to set this up?


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