Odd GPG stuff

Scott Lockwood scott at guppylog.com
Thu Mar 29 15:33:27 UTC 2007

First, if this is not related to useing Feisty, I appologize. This is my
first though because, I never noticed the problem before upgrading from
6.10 to feisty.

Almost all of the messages that are signed that hit the list come up
with a Red blob on a square grey background, and black text that is
backlit yellow that says "Valid Signature, cannot verify sender"

I have imported the keys from the people who I get this message with,
and emailed one of the users who's messages show up this way, to let him
know that his key was expired, but even after importing the correct keys
(via 'gpg --recv-keys XXXXXXXX' for example) I still see the message
that the key cannot be verified. I even tried signing the key with my
key, no joy. Anyone see this before?

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