Safley Removing Old Kernel Images

Gabriel Dragffy dragffy at
Wed Mar 28 19:15:02 UTC 2007

Anthony Gardner wrote:
> I know someone posted here a while ago about how to remove old kernel 
> images and associated files but I haven't been able to find the old post.
> Is there a safe way to do this to free up some space or is it just a 
> case of doing it carefuly by hand?
> Any best foot forward advice?
> -Ants
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I'd say the best way is to remove them using a package manager. You can 
see what images you have installed if you run the command:
	$ aptitude search linux|grep linux-image

You will see a list of results, the items marked with an 'i' in the left 
column are ones you have installed. You're basically looking for 
Generally you will leave the highest version well alone and remove the 
older versions. I have found that removing an older version will free up 
about 70MB space for each version.
It's normally advisable to have the latest version installed and also 
keep the previous version installed for redundancy purposes.

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