is Launchpad / Malone having problems ??

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Sat Mar 24 10:29:07 UTC 2007

I noticed since a few days, and still right now as I speak, that Malone
appears to be extremely slow. Many times, after 30 seconds of waiting,
it seems to give up and resorts to sending me some "stripped
down"/plain HTML/simplified version of bug reports, to save processing
time and/or bandwidth I don't know. Sometimes it sends me the
correct/usual formatting, but fails to display all the menu options
in the left and right columns, it displays only the main/central column
which hold the description and comments of the bug report.

Is anyone else noticing/suffering this, or is it just poor unlucky me ?

Are they having major, long lasting, severe server problems ? Or did
Canonical maybe forget to pay the rent for their server, and the data
center holding Launchpad decided to switch them to a much slower server
until the bill is paid ? Looking at the performance I get, it feels as
if Malone is running off of one of the credit card sized solar
calculator that takes 10 seconds to compute 2 plus 2 !!! ;-)

Here is hoping normal service will return soon...


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