Feisty with Flash crashing all three browsers on several sites

RParr RParr at TemporalArts.COM
Thu Mar 22 19:01:28 UTC 2007

RParr wrote:
> I have been running Debian Etch AMD64 with a chroot for 386/browser 
> apps.  It works but I have gotten tired of plugin/java/AMD64 
> problems/missing apps.
> Over the last week I installed Ubunutu (and kdedesktop) Feisty Herd 5 
> for 386 and AMD64 in other partitions on this same machine.
> For the most part things run great BUT I am experiencing a very, very 
> annoying problem with the browsers.
> On the 386 install, with all updates available through 3/12/07, all 
> three browsers installed (namely Firefox, Konqueror, and Seamonkey) 
> crash when visiting a lot of different sites including such common sites 
> as slashdot.org and accuweather.com.
> It appears it is crashing because of Flash.  The Firefox bug reporting 
> mechanism tagged it as an older Javascript BUT the Javascript runs fine 
> if Flash plugin not installed.
> I have the flash-nonfree installed.  I have experienced the same results 
> with all other plugins (java, vlc, ...) removed.
> I do not experience this problem accessing these sites with the AMD64 
> version of feisty but there is no flash plugin installed and those sites 
> either ask if I want to download plugin or ignore the flash content.
> I do not exprience this problem accessing these sites with Debian using 
> either the AMD64 version (with swfplayer) or the Debian chroot 386 
> browser using the non-free plugin.
> Anyone else having these problems?
> If it is just me, any ideas?
> This is truly annoying.  I was willing to switch to a 386 based distro 
> on my dual Operton to avoid all those AMD64 related problems with 
> browser, flash, etc. only to be having more problems running them under 
> straight 386.  ARGHH!

Just an update (actually a plea for enlightenment)...

I updated my Ubuntu/Kubuntu Feisty 386 installation this morning with 
all available updates and I am still having the same problem.

Is this just me?

If it is, would someone please put me out of my misery and point out 
what I might have wrong here?

R.Parr, RHCE, Temporal Arts

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