Application like Userful, but opensource

David Giard swe3tdave at
Wed Mar 21 23:28:56 UTC 2007

Userful seem to have released a set of patches on SourceForge:

Anyone can tell if its possible to make something work out of it? i
looked at the cupsys patch and they seem to use some external
binaries. And the nautilus patch seem to use a /etc config file that
does'nt exist. But from what i've seen most of the useful code seem to
be there(i'm not a developper so i may be wrong)...

Personnaly, i dont need Userful to make work mulitseat on my system...
Its already working great. What would be nice, is to have an usb hub
for each seat, and then anything you plug to it would be available for
that seat only(usb key, usb keyboard & mouse, usb audio, etc...). Is
this possible?


David Giard
Ubuntu Québec

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