Basic newbie question

John Graddy jwgraddy at
Mon Mar 19 15:34:42 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-03-19 at 08:09 +0000, jerry wrote:
> I've been using Kubuntu (KDE) for a while now and really like it for it 
> ease of use and have had very few problems. I am running Dapper 6.06 
> LTS. I am embarrassed to ask such a basic question but I have not been 
> able to figure out a solution.
> I frequently see instructions such as: "The easiest way to do this is by 
> going to System -> Administration -> Networking and then going to 
> "Properties" of each connection. In Properties, just /untick/ the 
> "Enable this connection" checkbox. Logout then log back in again. These 
> connections should now be available in Network Manager."
> My question is not specifically related to configuring Network Manager 
> but I cannot find the links System ->Admin -> Network. If I click on the 
> large K at the bottom left of the screen to bring up the menu I have 2 
> options that contain the word System. One is System which opens a 
> submenu that has applications such as Adept, Kcron, Synaptic, etc. but 
> no entry for administration. The other is System Settings and this opens 
> another large screen with options for Personal, Hardware, Internet and 
> Networking, and System Administration. Under Sys Admin there is no 
> option for Network only things like date and time, login manager, etc. 
> Under Internet & Net there  is an option for Network Settings but  under 
> Network Settings I cannot find any Properties link with the checkbox.
> My question is not specifically related to configuring Network Manager 
> but "Where do I locate the the stated links "System -> Administration -> 
> Networking". I have seen many similar instructions for many different 
> problems but I don't know how to find the correct links. The stated path 
> to follow does not seem to exist on my system.
> Thanks for any help.
> Jerry

I don't know anything about KDE in Ubuntu, but, it looks to me like you have
 instructions for using GNOME.


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