VMWare Server install

drew einhorn drew.einhorn at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 21:37:30 UTC 2007

No cable in this area.  Tried satellite, was fast, but not reliable.
Have 128K ISDN drops to 64K when there's a phone call.
Which ever way I go to town the next telco remote terminal
I pass supports DSL.  They are supposed to upgrade the
remote terminal that serves this neighborhood real soon.

They don't call them Qworst for nothing.

waiting, waiting, waiting ...

On 3/18/07, Vincent Trouilliez <vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr> wrote:
> "drew einhorn" <drew.einhorn at gmail.com> wrote:
> > wget is getting it, says it will be about 3 hrs.
> I feel your pain :-/
> When I started playing with Linux in mid-2002, I had dial-up like cable
> access (64Kbps). It's only later, when my ISP increased the speed to
> 1Mbps, then last summer to 30Mbps, and 100Mpbs planned this summer
> (they are nearly done pulling the old coaxial cables and replacing it
> with optical fibres), that Linux really started to be "practical",
> useful, exciting, fascinating and... fun :o)
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> Vince
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Drew Einhorn
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