Upgrade Dapper=>Edgy == Problems Solved!

Jim Smith jim at oz.net
Sat Mar 17 20:40:28 UTC 2007

I continued on with the project of trying to get things to work on this
laptop and have finally achieved some measure of success but only by
going ahead with the in-situ upgrade process all of the way to Feisty.
Last night I started the upgrade, then went to dinner, rented a movie,
watched it while all along going into the other room and checking up on
the upgrade process. I let it run all night, answered the few debconf 
questions and by this morning had a fully functional (I think) 7.04
Feisty Fawn system. I must say I'm impressed. All now seems to work as
designed and if I find any yet undiscovered troubles, I will file bug
reports if required (easy now) and bring them to the list. Looks like
this might be a winner in the making and from what I've seen of Vista,
it won't be long until Ubuntu and perhaps all of Linux passes it up.

Important things I have learned in this process:
 1. Do not mess with the system or try to do anything else while the  
upgrade is going on.
 2. Do not try to do the upgrade using the wireless connection, it will
probably fail sometime in the process. Use the hardwired Ethernet
connection even if you have to go somewhere else to do it.
 3. Be sure to check for broken packages before you begin. I spent hours
chasing this one down until the next day when I realized all I had to do
was a simple "sudo rm" of a broken symlink.
 4. Finally, read the directions first, including posts on this list.
Others have done these things before you and have had the same problems
you will have.

Thanks to the many people on the list who helped me with all of the issues.


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