[Feisty] Normal ways to kill xserver don't work

John L Fjellstad john-ubuntu at fjellstad.org
Sat Mar 17 20:01:28 UTC 2007

Ari Torhamo <ari.torhamo at saunalahti.fi> writes:

> Things that I have tried, but which don't work:
> killall gdm (gives "no processes killed" (transl. from Finnish))
> killall xorg (same as above)
> killall xserver (same as above)

If you are trying to stop X server, you need to killall X.
You also need to stop gdm since it will probably restart automatically.

> Ctrl + Alt + Backspace (just gives a black screen - a Feisty problem?)
> Ctrl + Alt + F1 (same as above)

After Ctrl + Alt + F1, try pushing any key (like enter)

> telinit 2 (forgot why this doesn't work)
> telinit 3 (brings the graphical login)

In Debian (and Ubuntu),  there is no difference between runlevels 2-5.
It's up to the administrator to decide what you want to run at each

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