cannot install grub

Gary Jarrel garyjarrel at
Thu Mar 15 04:10:32 GMT 2007

I ran into this before, when trying to install Edgy onto a pretty high
end system. The solution for me was quite indepth due to the
specifications of the system, however, one of the main points to note,
that to get around the problem, I downloaded Feisty (herd 4 at the
time), booted into the live distribution and installed grub which came
with herd 4, which was newer version compared to that of Edgy.

Any particular hardware spec (especially hdd controllers) you are
trying to do the installation on?



On 3/15/07, maman durahman <durahman at> wrote:
> i have found this problem several time. When i install ubuntu there
> was error. It said, "CAN NOT INSTALL GRUB". How can it be? And what
> the solution. Should i reformat entire hdd?
> Thank in advance for the answer.
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> Wasalam,
> Durahman
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