reoccuring kernel panic after update.

Catsquotl C.atsquotl at
Wed Mar 14 06:33:48 UTC 2007

Matthew Flaschen schreef:
> Catsquotl wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I`ve reinstalled Ubuntu edgy 3 times now.
>> twice from the "normal" distro and once from the alternate cd.
>> every time i do the standard update packages. I can`t boot.
>> The boot process ends in a kernel panic.
>> [0] kernel panic. not syncing trying to kill init.
>> just before that there is enough hex code to fill my screen. so i can`t 
>> read anything that might be useful as to why the kernel is panicking.
>> Even the former kernel will give this error after the upgrade so my 
>> guess is. some file is changed that is needed at boottime.
>> How can i figure out witch file that is..
>> Also is it possible to somehow scroll through the messages left on 
>> screen at boottime? Maybe a boot option i haven`t found yet?
>> I don`t see an obvious panic.log in /var/log....
> Try running dmesg
> Matthew Flaschen
I`m fairly new to linux..
But dmesg is run from console or terminal right...
As the kernel panics at boot time i don`t see how i can run dmesg...
If  I run the recovery mode from the cd. won`t dmesg give me the log`s 
created at the recovery boot...
or does it show the previous boot time kernel panic also.


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