Feisty with Flash crashing all three browsers on several sites

RParr RParr at TemporalArts.COM
Tue Mar 13 18:13:23 UTC 2007

I have been running Debian Etch AMD64 with a chroot for 386/browser 
apps.  It works but I have gotten tired of plugin/java/AMD64 
problems/missing apps.

Over the last week I installed Ubunutu (and kdedesktop) Feisty Herd 5 
for 386 and AMD64 in other partitions on this same machine.

For the most part things run great BUT I am experiencing a very, very 
annoying problem with the browsers.

On the 386 install, with all updates available through 3/12/07, all 
three browsers installed (namely Firefox, Konqueror, and Seamonkey) 
crash when visiting a lot of different sites including such common sites 
as slashdot.org and accuweather.com.

It appears it is crashing because of Flash.  The Firefox bug reporting 
mechanism tagged it as an older Javascript BUT the Javascript runs fine 
if Flash plugin not installed.

I have the flash-nonfree installed.  I have experienced the same results 
with all other plugins (java, vlc, ...) removed.

I do not experience this problem accessing these sites with the AMD64 
version of feisty but there is no flash plugin installed and those sites 
either ask if I want to download plugin or ignore the flash content.

I do not exprience this problem accessing these sites with Debian using 
either the AMD64 version (with swfplayer) or the Debian chroot 386 
browser using the non-free plugin.

Anyone else having these problems?

If it is just me, any ideas?

This is truly annoying.  I was willing to switch to a 386 based distro 
on my dual Operton to avoid all those AMD64 related problems with 
browser, flash, etc. only to be having more problems running them under 
straight 386.  ARGHH!

R.Parr, RHCE, Temporal Arts

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