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Sun Mar 11 20:00:10 UTC 2007

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Felix 'buebo' Kakrow wrote:
> Hi,
> at the moment I'm using mutt for my mails and mostly it's a blast, but
> there are some things that anoy me, so I feel like giving a graphical
> program a shot again.
> It should use a existing Maildir-Structure, play nice with procmail and
> spamprobe and have some macro captabilities. Good PGP/GnuPG
> Integration is a must and last but not least I would prefer GTK over QT.

    Well, I used to use Evolution; there's a lot of appeal for a person
who's been unpacking tarballs for 25 years to relax and enjoy the
experience.  The integration proposed for it is great, but as of a year
or so ago, it still didn't work for me.

    Though I was a little turned off by the whole Netscape thing, I
tried Thunderbird. It was solid, light, very capable, and so I'm still
using it today.  It's really good software.

    I'm using maildirs here, too. But instead of working out what it'd
take to have Thunderbird classify the spam, I just drop it into a folder
called "LearnSpam" which the server checks every 15 minutes and reports.
To me, it's just easier.

    Give Thunderbird a try; it's good code!

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