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Chris racerx at
Sat Mar 10 21:45:15 UTC 2007

ac wrote:
> Chris wrote:
>> Hey again
>> A little update for ya - All is working really well. My converting of
>> ripped CD's to mp3 is near complete. I was able to convert the mp3 to
>> ogg (as pointed out in previous threads) and on the advice, the
>> remaining CD's are being ripped to ogg.
>> There IS a difference! Anyways, I have several DVD's for my iTune files.
>> When I HAD WindersXP - I used it only to buy my music and of course, rip
>> my CD's to iTunes (m4a I think).
>> Now - is there a play that will either allow me yo play those m4a files
> I see that m4a files play in amarok 1.4.3 (using kde 3.5.2) in kubuntu 
> 6.10
> I am likely to have some codecs installed - I used automatix I think. 
> Although some people dont like it because they like more visibility of 
> installed stuff.
> hth

I use Amarok also. Yes, I can play the m4a (for those that don't know -
m4a are the file you you add to iTunes via some other process - IE: rip
from CD. Whereas the m4p are the AAC files you purchase from iTunes).

No - I did not install Automatix(x) - I was advised to from someone at
work, but after reading the threads here - chose not to.

Ok, so now its now a matter of being able to play those dang encoded
iTunes files - anyone?

Best regards,

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bad ether in the cables

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