Help required with ext3 partion on Edgy-Eft - V6.10

Romeo Dionne romeo.dionne at
Sat Mar 10 18:13:58 UTC 2007

This is the original fstab writeout as of a fresh installation. This setup does not allow me write access to /dev/sda1 /linuxfiles even though the rw option is listed. I can read the drive, no problem; I just cannot write to it. Seems to defeat the purpose of having an extra drive...

How can I modify the fstab to allow me to allow me to work with this drive/directory with the same ease as I do with my /home drive/directory?

I have worked with different flavors of linux over the past 16 years and have never encountered this problem, mostly Suse and Mandrake/Mandriva: could never get Debian to install properly. Could never understand Redhat or use it much for that matter... Mandriva is currently my working O/S but wanted to give Ubuntu a good run as it seems easier to work with once installed, except for drive and file permissions. ("Frustration" This has got to be easier to work with for the home user (read "dummy") if any linux aspirations are turned towards this market).

I have done extensive research in Ubuntu documentation, Man-pages and on the internet. Found one instance that dealt with a previous version but the fstab is written differently and the recommendation suggested does not appear to work.

Please help!!!

Thank You.

# /etc/fstab: static file system information.
# <file system> <mount point>   <type>  <options>       <dump>  <pass>
proc /proc proc defaults 0 0
# /dev/hdb1
UUID=2268060e-098e-4fc5-a593-3d8582ebb35d / ext3 nouser,defaults,errors=remount-ro,atime,auto,rw,dev,exec,suid 0 1
# /dev/hdb9
UUID=dd38348f-b98f-4bf5-94ff-7e18470855cb /home ext3 nouser,defaults,atime,auto,rw,dev,exec,suid 0 2
# /dev/sda1
UUID=d4231fcd-b695-40bf-87fa-d62e84377ca7 /linuxfiles ext3 nouser,defaults,atime,auto,rw,dev,exec,suid 0 0
# /dev/hdb8
UUID=8a3883cd-3f98-4900-9385-9fda5a31dfb3 /tmp ext3 nouser,defaults,atime,auto,rw,dev,exec,suid 0 2
# /dev/hdb6
UUID=77720aed-0a56-4018-81e8-7733752e7aa7 /usr ext3 nouser,defaults,atime,auto,rw,dev,exec,suid 0 2
# /dev/hdb7
UUID=dac264ea-3020-4cc4-96ce-057cf0929c8d /var ext3 nouser,defaults,atime,auto,rw,dev,exec,suid 0 2
# /dev/sdb1
UUID=2678F14778F11671 /winfiles ntfs defaults,nls=utf8,umask=007,uid=0,gid=46,auto,rw,nouser 0 1
# /dev/hda1
UUID=DE0C7A690C7A3D19 /winxp ntfs defaults,nls=utf8,umask=007,uid=0,gid=46,auto,rw,nouser 0 1
# /dev/hdb5
UUID=f89efbcc-a892-489b-b318-8245a33bc9cf none swap sw 0 0
/dev/hdc /media/cdrom0 udf,iso9660 user,atime,noauto,rw,dev,exec,suid 0 0
/dev/ /media/floppy0 auto user,atime,noauto,rw,dev,exec,suid 0 0

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