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Bill Mills-Curran wrote:
> After years of using the RedHat distros, I'm now moving to Ubuntu, and
> I have a couple of questions/problems.
> First problem:
> I have a laptop with a Dell wireless 1350 card (Broadcom BCM4306
> chipset), and I have not been successful with the ndiswrapper
> installation -- I can't seem to find the right files to install the
> driver.  I have a couple of driver files, but not the right
> bcmwl5a.inf (or bcmwl5.sys?) files.  I could use some help.  I've
> looked at the ndiswrapper site, but no luck thus far.

    Can't help, here; I got a cheapie from Walmart that's working great
and never had to mess with NDIS/NDISWrapper, sorry.

> Second question:
> I've also installed ubuntu server, and I'm surprised that it does not
> support a graphics display through ssh, accessed by (different) linux
> workstation.  That is:
> ssh -X ubuntu-server  (from a workstation)
> I would expect to be able to run programs in graphics mode, displaying
> through ssh, but no luck.  Is there a way to enable this, or are all
> the server applications compiled without graphics?

    Yesterday this was addressed; seems like it needed xauth to be
loaded on both sides, and it was only on one; check the archives. SSH is
very much like under Fedora; I transitioned from there, too.

    So far the only thing Fedora still does better is updating the
ClamAv stuff- I think everything else is better, here.
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