Automatically Mounting a Network Folder

David Stubblebine dstubb.mylists at
Sat Mar 10 15:24:05 UTC 2007

The school I work in is primarily Mac OS X, and our students have  
folders on our Mac OS X server to access their personal files.  We  
have installed ubuntu on some older iMacs, and I would like to have  
the User Volume automatically mount when ubuntu logs in.  I can't  
seem to get this to work in 6.06...I would like to have an smb shared  
volume (from a MacOS X server) mount on startup. Is that possible? I  
can do it manually no problem, but that's a little too complicated  
for the kids.

I had found this in the forums:
but I wonder if that method only works in Edgy?

I'm new to the list, hello everyone :)

David Stubblebine
Norwalk, OH

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