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Sat Mar 10 00:41:26 UTC 2007

I'm in the process of setting up a new box, AMD64 with Ubuntu AMD64 and
having problems.

When I plug in a USB drive it recognises it, puts the icons up on screen
then after a couple of minutes gives a load of "Unsafe removal" messages
and hides all the icons. Then it redetects the drive and does it all
again - and again. Also it appears to be writing to the USB like crazy -
which is probably why if I plug in the camera it crashes it after a bit
and I have to remove the battery to reset it. (The camera is configured
as USB storage with the 'feature' that it's read only).

I can't find wine in the package lists which is a pain because I intend
it to be Microsoft-free, the couple of things I need to run under
Windows (eg, a CAD system) *should* work under wine

Actually I was told that you can use the Debian archives but I can't
find any documentation for that and it's something I'll need to do, I
use some unusual packages, eg a cross compiler, that I doubt will ever
be in the Ubuntu archives.

How do I get rid of those blasted splash screen when it boots and shuts
down, I don't mean after X has started but on the initial boot. I don't
want the nuts and bolts hidden from me a la Windows, I want to know what
it's doing.

What's the normal monthly update volume? It wants to get 232Mb of
updates on a fresh install and that ain't going to happen on a dialup
line (I have my reasons for that). Or can I get up to date CDs/DVDs?

Dick Georgeson

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