Gnome-RDP scrolling

NoOp glgxg at
Fri Mar 9 00:11:29 UTC 2007

I use VNC quite often to connect into my local machines as well as to
client machines. I normally use a windows based client (UltraVNC) as
many of my customers are Windows only & that works quite well.

Recently I started using Gnome-RDP to connect to my local machines as
it's faster to load etc. I've noticed a scrollbar problem that I can't
figure out; the right and bottom scroll bars work when first clicked to
scroll down (vertical) or right (horizontal). Actually, they don't
"scroll" as when you click the grey area of the scrollbar they simply
jump tothe end of the window. However, when I  want to scroll back up or
to the left, the scrollbars do not work unless I right-click in the grey
section of the scrollbar. And that action doesn't actually "scroll"
either as a right click seems to just move the window up or left one
line at at time.

Anyone know of a setting where I can actually get the scrollbars to work

[Note: same problem on both Dapper and Feisty]

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