Laptop Reccomendation

Denis Witt witt at
Thu Mar 8 23:16:49 UTC 2007

Scott W. McMikle schrieb:

> I would like to purchase a used older laptop and my intent is to run Ubuntu
> on it.  My plan is to surf the web, run Openoffice, and a GPS navigation
> program.  I am curious to what others have been sucessful with.

Think about a Thinkpad T4x-Series. They are not that expensive when you
buy it second hand, (check if the accu is in a good condition). The
Ubuntu support for them is really great, even the WLAN onboard should
work without any problems.

In the office we got one T41, one T40, one T42p and a Z61m (mine, hehe)
and they all run perfect with Ubuntu (Dapper, edgy and feisty).

With most of the Dell notebooks it will work also fine but they are less
performant (even with more RAM and stronger CPU) compared to the IBM

Bye for now!

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