Problems with iPod

Arthur H. Johnson II arthur at
Thu Mar 8 19:54:38 UTC 2007

I seem to be having difficulty with my iPod and Ubuntu 6.10.  If I try
to sync a massive amount of mp3s to it, the iPod ejects itself, and
corrupts the filesystem. 

The only thing in /var/log/messages is that the usb device disconnected.
When I attempt to format the /dev/sda2 partition, which is the iPod's
data portion, I can no longer mount it.  I have to boot into windows and
have iTunes restore it.

I don't experience this on my Debian Sid machine, nor under windows,
thou windows does lock up from time to time when transfering files to
the iPod, just not that often, and it never corrupts the filesystem to
the point where I can't just pick up where I left off.

This happens under Rhythmbox and GNUPod.

I'll gladly supply more information, just not sure what the community

Arthur H. Johnson II <arthur at>

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