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H.S.Rai wrote:
> I am setting up a lab, and proposing to have dual boot, ubuntu and
> MSXP. For Ubuntu bases setup, I want student should able to sit on any
> machine, get authenticated from remote server (thus not need to create
> user on every machine), gets his home directory served from some
> server, able to run applications from local machine with data accessed
> and stored from his remote home directory.
> May you suggest me what need to be installed on Server, and how client
> need to be configured (may be with some additional softwares.)
> Simple advise and pointer to article, howto or tutorial will be more
> than enough.

   I'm using LDAP for this; I just can't bear having Microsoft on the
property (long story) so I don't mess with ActiveDirectory. I use the
"LDAPTastic" keyword to find my howto. It's concise, simple, and I can
always find it.

   I've found *webmin* to be the best available casual modifier of the
LDAP server, though phpldapadmin has all the controls and details. Luma
still needs work, but shows promise.

    Around here is 4-5 workstations, with /home and /shares
NFS-sharable. All the media, games, etc are on /shares. You can sit down
upstairs at that machine, leave because it's noisy up there, and when
you login from downstairs *everything* is the way you left it.  True
portable login.  It's nice, it's reliable, and convenient.

    If you find yourself needing example files, drop me a note.

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