Firefox - Unexpected response from server

Jim Smith jim at
Thu Mar 8 02:07:36 UTC 2007

Albert Wagner wrote:
> The fix to Thunderbird, sent out this morning: Wed Mar 7, 2007, appears 
> to resolve this problem.  At least for me;  YMMV.  Thanks to the 
> developers responsible.
Did not work for me. Just installed the new updates. When clicking on
the link below Firefox gave the followingmessage:
> # Check to make sure your system has the Personal Security Manager
>     installed.
> #   This might be due to a non-standard configuration on the server.
Link used:
Something about my system could be off. I need to check with the friends
whose machines I oversee. BTW as this machine needs to get actual work
done, I installed Opera from the repositories and use it as my default
browser. No problem whatsoever and I can still use Firefox for
everything else.

Your mileage may vary.


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