Thunderbird/Firefox HTTPS Problem Was[Re: Firefox - Unexpected response from server]

NoOp glgxg at
Wed Mar 7 02:44:08 UTC 2007

On 03/06/2007 10:55 AM, Albert Wagner wrote:
> NoOp wrote:
>> On 03/05/2007 11:10 AM, Albert Wagner wrote:
>>> Albert Wagner wrote:
> <snipS>
>>>> FWIW, I selected re-install Firefox in Synaptic, waited for the 
>>>> reinstallation, then shutdown any/all open copies of Firefox and 
>>>> restarted Firefox. Firefox now works as it did before, properly handling 
>>>> https sites.
>>> I spoke too soon.  Firefox still fails on https.  Sometimes shutting it 
>>> down and starting it again allows it to accept https links from 
>>> thunderbird.  Best I can say now is that it's intermittent.  And there 
>>> WAS/IS something wrong with the updates of the last of February.
>> Not sure what you mean by accept https links from thunderbird, 
> I mean when I click on an https link in an email in Thunderbird; e.g.
> found at the
> bottom of each email from ubuntu-users.  If Firefox is not running, then 
> such a click causes Firefox to start, but it yields the error message 
> "Unexpected response from server".  If Firefox is already running after 
> having been started by clicking its Applicatioin menu item or on the top 
> panel, then clicking on that same link in an email in Thunderbird does 
> not cause an error but rather opens the link.  IOW, Firefox loads https 
> site correctly or yields an error, depending on how it was started. 
> This situation is one step up in functionality from what existed prior 
> to reinstalling Firefox via Synaptic.  Prior to reinstallation of 
> Firefox, all attempts to load from an https server failed with the 
> error;  And that behavior started suddenly after the installation of 
> Firefox upgrades in late February.  Prior to those upgrades, Firefox 
> performed flawlessly.

So it's really a Thunderbird to Firefox problem.


I checked on one of my test systems with the Ubuntu versions of
Thunderbird & Firefox (Dapper fully updated w/FF & TB
and can verify that this occurs as you've now described.

I've actually installed the referenced Personal Security Manager:
And that didn't make any difference. Even following a reboot.

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