Firefox - Unexpected response from server

Albert Wagner albertwagner at
Mon Mar 5 19:10:27 UTC 2007

Albert Wagner wrote:
> Alex Janssen wrote:
>> For some time now I've endured these messages, "Firefox doesn't know how 
>> to communicate with the server." from Firefox when trying to load secure 
>> pages with the HTTPS protocol. I was able to boot Firefox before loading 
>> such a page to get it to load properly, but now, even that fails after 
>> the most recent updates of today.  Can anybody enlighten me as to how to 
>> fix this.
>> Thanks,
>> Alex
> FWIW, I selected re-install Firefox in Synaptic, waited for the 
> reinstallation, then shutdown any/all open copies of Firefox and 
> restarted Firefox. Firefox now works as it did before, properly handling 
> https sites.
I spoke too soon.  Firefox still fails on https.  Sometimes shutting it 
down and starting it again allows it to accept https links from 
thunderbird.  Best I can say now is that it's intermittent.  And there 
WAS/IS something wrong with the updates of the last of February.

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