Next question - mp3 to ogg

marc gmane at
Mon Mar 5 16:40:09 UTC 2007

Chris said...
> Now that I have all but 20 CD's ripped, is there something out there
> that will mass convert the mp3 (192 bit) files to ogg?

Yup, go back to your CDs and re-rip them. If you don't do this, then 
you'll be applying a second compression algorithm on top of a (horrible)
compression algorithm. Worse, MP3 applies "sound shaping" (my term, but 
xref the usual sources for more info), so it has removed data, which you 
can't get back, obviously. It will sound terrible.

That said, I can't listen to MP3 because of the way it mangles audio, so 
YMMV. I find ogg much less offensive ;-) In fact, it's pretty good.


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