pptpd server and erquired iptables rules..

Akshay Lamba akshay at lambaweb.com
Mon Mar 5 06:12:54 UTC 2007

mb2 at os.datafx.com.au wrote:
> Hi,
> Trying to setup pptpd server on 6.06.1 with Windows XP as client - VPN 
> connection is successfully established, but cannot ping "localip" from 
> client ( and also cannot ping remoteip from server(Once 
> VPN is established - - Get "ping: sendmsg: Operation not 
> permitted" - Also cannot ping Servers LAN network from client either.
> I'm fairly certain I am simply missing some iptables rules.
Hi mb2,

I don't have an answer for you but would appreciate if you post the 
answer once it is resolved. I have gone through your setup but am not 
able to point out the problem (both the config and iptables looks just 
about right to me). The only thing I can point out is that in a setup 
I'd created recently, the client machine wouldn't establish the VPN link 
until I opened the GRE port (47) too on the firewall. Post which it was 
a breeze. Not sure if that's playing a role in your case though.


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