This thing eats apples

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Mon Mar 5 02:34:33 UTC 2007

Gabriel Dragffy <dragffy at> wrote:
> Just been fiddling with Feisty on my macbook pro, actually testing it in 
> a VM before I nuke everything. I have to make sure certain things can 
> work first; for example the apple remote.
> Got the IR receiver connected, checked /var/log/messages see that it is 
> recognized OK, but wondered why my button presses go unnoticed. i soon 
> discovered that the volume buttons on the remote adjust the volume - 
> that's a great start!! Though the other buttons seem useless, they don't 
> seem to have any effect on Totem. I hoping I could atleast move through 
> the items in the playlist, even if it doesn't have focus.
> I was wondering if anyone else had some input on Apple remote+Ubuntu, 
> can it work even better? Or is it still early days?

Well, you could always file a bug report about it. The developers
would then (presumably) tell you all relevant information, and perhaps
even fix your problem ! :-)
However don't ask me what package to file bug reports against....
though I guess the remote must be handled by a kernel module, so you
could file the bug against the kernel you are using.


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