gnome logs out after pause? [feisty]

Matt Price matt.price at
Mon Mar 5 01:59:41 UTC 2007


running feisty and updating regurlarly i've recently run into an odd
problem.  it seems that my gnome session logs out spontaneously every
time i step away from the computer for a few minutes.  i had been having
some difficulty with beryl and compiz and at first i thought this was
parto f that ongoing problem, but i find it persists even with all
compiz/beryl packages removed and that it also occurs even when i log in
to the 'failsafe gnome' session at the gdm prompt.  

i'm now trying kdm out and the problem seems not to uccur under kdm.  so
i'm wondering whether there's some 'auto-logout' switch in gnome that
has inadvertently been activated.  anyone ever seen this behaviour?
it's highly irritating, all the more so as i'm used to staying logged in
to the same session for weeks at a time, suspending my laptop in
between; so among other things it takes a while to restart all the
programs from the last session.

anyway thanks as always for the help,


Matt Price
History Dept
University of Toronto
matt.price at
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