Stop me before I go an' rm -rf / my feisty install!!

Gabriel Dragffy dragffy at
Mon Mar 5 01:35:50 UTC 2007

Alex Janssen wrote:
> As I understand you, your "feisty based client" different from the 
> "laptop running feisty".  If the printer is shared via Samba, you need 
> SMB client software on your "feisty based client" which will ultimately 
> use smbprint to send the printer output.  In your printer setup, set 
> this printer as a "Windows Printer SMB".
> The document at 
> is old but 
> may help.
> Let us know what happens.
> Alex

Hi Alex, thanks for your input.

No thanks to my brain deadedness I got it to print from the feisty 
client using cups. First had to edit the cupsd file on the print server 
to allow connections! Doh!

As for the Samba printing, I just don't know. There is no doubt that the 
feisty client has samba client stuff installed, otherwise it wouldn't be 
able to browse the samba shares on the network. Had already tried 
setting it up as a windows printer smb, and it is here that I can see 
the workgroup, I can see all the computers, I can select the print 
server, I can select the appropriate printer on the print server and I 
can then choose the correct driver for it. Grrr! At least I have ipp 
printing which can keep me going, I'd like to get to the bottom of the 
samba printing though.

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