Stop me before I go an' rm -rf / my feisty install!!

Gabriel Dragffy dragffy at
Sun Mar 4 21:47:12 UTC 2007

This is really getting on my nerves:

Have a laptop running feisty, with an Epson computer connected via USB. 
It can print to it no problem. This printer is shared using Samba, and 
I'm sure that is configured OK because I can print to the Espon from a 
remote XP computer. If XP can do something then Linux *must* be able to 
do it!

However, no matter what I try from a feisty based client it won't 
print!! I have tried using Unix printing, CUPS printing, and could even 
choose windows printing and browse through the network, found the server 
computer and the Epson printer. All settings appear to be A-OK, but 
ultimately there's no joy.

Since I am sure the config is OK because XP printed without a hitch and 
I have tried everything I know in linux I am at a loss. Suggestions are 
most welcome!!


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