Evolution Crashes!

NoOp glgxg at mfire.com
Fri Mar 2 04:02:34 UTC 2007

On 03/01/2007 07:04 PM, Steve Grace wrote:
> I have Ubuntu 6.06. Evolution 2.6 no longer starts up; it crashes within a
> second of being launched. The only possible cause I can think of is the new
> security update to Firefox that I installed this morning (right after I last
> used Evolution).
> I was able to generate a backtrace but I don't know how to read it. I
> couldn't find any obvious log files. Can someone point me to some things I
> can try? Thanks.
> Steve

Just tried it on the 2 systems that I updated this morning & can can
confirm this.

2 other systems that I have not updated works just fine.

The 4 updates are:

New version 1.5.dfsg+

New version same as above

Netscape portable Runtime Libarary
New version 2:1.firefox1.g.dfsg+

Network Security Service Libraries-runtime
New version 2:1.firefox1.g.dfsg+

I will:
a. reinstall evolution on a test machine to see if that fixes
b. uninstall all updates & firefox on one of the test machines that was
updated and see if that fixes Evolution.

Anyone else?

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