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Brian Fahrlander brian at fahrlander.net
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Luca Ferrari wrote:
> Dear all,
> apologize me if this is not a technical post, but I'd like to get your opinion 
> about this. I'm going to set up our enterprise mailserver (of course an 
> ubuntu!) to get out the spam e-mails. Now I've got two choices:
> 1) set up an environment (like spamassassin)
> 2) buy an antispam appliance
> Now I think that setting up a software environment could work as weel as a 
> commercial appliance, but I'd like to know if it get too much time to 
> configure it to reach good results.
> Since I've not experience on this, I'd like to know your opinion about how to 
> start.

    Personally, I run several mail servers with the intent to block
spam. I've set up a pretty sweet plan to make it happen. Most of my mail
servers have a folder called "LearnSpam" where users can move their mail
and report it as spam...it's that easy.

    Postfix is a dream, really, setting up access tables, RBLs and all
kinds of tricks; it's really pretty easy, and it's simpler than sendmail
in many cases. I don't know what they charge for Barracuda (for
instance) but if I had a system administrator that knew Linux at all,
I'd have him maintain it.  (And I could help, for example.)

    Appliances are nice, but learning and doing it yourself can give you
more effective control of the situation, generally speaking.
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