Laptop volume control screw-up

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Hi Harry.
I hope I'm still on time to try to help you.
Right click on the sound icon, next to the hour/date panel.
Choose "Preferences", and select your sound card device (probably Alsa).
Then choose "Master". I think that you might have choosen another control, and 
thats why it aint working.
Let us know how it goes.

On Tuesday 17 July 2007 21:12:11 Harry Wert wrote:
> All has been well with Ubuntu Feisty release until I apparently
> inadvertently fouled up the laptop volume control - how I do not know.
> In any event I still get the on-screen display depicting volume control
> when I press the appropriate button; ie, "mute", "volume increase", or
> "volume decrease". The downside is the sound is now unaffected. I can
> still point to the panel which displays the volume symbol with the mouse
> and everything is correctly controlled.  I have done the usual looking
> for an "accidentally installed" mixer, but the only one I can find is
> the one for Gnome - which is correct.  Can anyone suggest how I can
> isolate this problem.  It's trivial but annoying!
> Thanks in advance,
> Harry

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