running windows via kvm module -- any experiences?

Magnus Runesson mr-ubuntu at
Wed Jan 31 16:31:10 UTC 2007

Hi Matt!

I can't give you a complete answer. My wife have been "forced" to use
Linux since we meet. She was then study archeology and was staying at my
place. One of the first time she was visiting me she needed to write a
paper and I had to go to work. I showed her the computer, showed how she
started OpenOffice. When I came home and asked who I had gone she told
me that she had played around for a while. Then she start writing. It
looked the same.
She still uses Linux and is happy with it. It works better than her
computer at work and she loves that she got support.

Two years ago my wifes mom wanted a computer.  she is an elementary
school teacher. I build one of spare parts and installed Ubuntu. We went
visiting her. Showed her how to surf the net and editing documents. She
also happy.

Okay, I have not convinced my father yet. Even my mother tries to tell
him that if he changes to run Linux they will get better support. Time
will tell if he changes his mind. I had to spend hours a few days ago to
try to help him to get his Windows computer work.

That about convincing your girlfriend. 

I have also used KVM a bit. It works great and I feel that I have close
to native performance subjectively measured using a desktop. When I was
running KVM 8 I tried to install Windows, it did not work out of the
box. But there are some nice help in the faqs at their homepage. Maybe
it works even better in newer versions. I have not had any reason to use
windows in later versions. It is easy to use and easy to set up. No
fiddling at all when it is up and running.

You can find some blog posts in my blog about KVM

Hope it helps and good luck to convince your girlfriend.


On Tue, 2007-01-30 at 18:06 -0500, Matt Price wrote:
> Hi there,
> My girlfriend is buying a new computer a month or two from now and I'm
> hoping to convince her to let me install ubuntu feisty on it, and set up
> a windows VM using the new KVM module and rdesktop.  The idea of the VM
> is to let her use software she feels she 'really needs' -- right now,
> this is MS Office, endnote and Dreamweaver (I'd like to make all 3
> disappear, but that's another, longer-term project).  
> Her main objection right now is that the person trying to convince her
> is a known linux ideologue who spends hours at a time hacking on his
> machine, and that she has no interest whatsoever in hacking -- she just
> wants her computer to work for her in a fully transparent way.  
> So I am looking for stories from people who have done this successfully,
> and if possible some web postings that explain how easy it is to do, who
> transparently it works, and how happy customers are when they get a look
> at the superior OS which is GNUlinux (or ubuntu, or gentoo, or debian,
> or whatever).  cross-posting to the 3 communities I sort of belong to
> (ubuntu, debian, toronto lug), sorry if you get multiple copies.
> Thanks loads!  Looking forward to lots of success stories,
> Matt


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