sudo problem after resetting root password

Ozgur Karatas okaratas at
Wed Jan 31 08:49:38 UTC 2007

using your command, "sudo passwd root"

ozgur at gw:~/Desktop/$ sudo passwd root
Enter new UNIX password:

root at gw:/# cat /etc/sudoers |grep admin
# Members of the admin group may gain root privileges
%admin ALL=(ALL) ALL

root at gw:/# cat /etc/group |grep admin


man sudo
man sudoers

yorlick kilroy yazmış:
> Hi,
> after losing (forgetting) my root (sudo) password, I used the Kubuntu live
> CD to delete the "!" from the shadow file for the root entry. After
> rebooting Kubuntu from harddisk I was able to reset the password by using
> the console login and logging in as root and typing in passwd. However now
> I
> cant do the "sudo" thing anymore. I keep getting a permission denied. The
> funny thing is that now I am able to login as root in console mode or by
> typing in "su" from another account.
> Does anyone know how I can fix the broken "sudo" feature?

Ozgur Karatas



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