ATI & Cedega?

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I play World of Warcraft on Edgy, but not with Cedega (never managed to 
install WoW on Cedega) but with Crossover Office, which you can download 
try-and-buy from . Wow installs spotless and 
runs like a charm (including the Blizzard Updater, and all extensions I 
use for my little Gnome Warlock). I notice that WoW on Crossover Office 
is faster in disk intensive areas like Ironforge AH than on the same 
machine on Windows. Crossover is also based on WINE.

The machine I am running this on is an old Toshiba Tecra M2 laptop. Has 
an NVIDIA 64MB GeForce FX Go 5200...

I did have problems when I tried using fglrx, and compis... so went back 
to the "normal" 3D drivers. Works like a charm.


Steve Lamb wrote:
>     Does anyone here have any experience with the latest ATI drivers and
> Cedega?  I'd really, really like to move away from Windows as much as possible
> for my gaming.  I know I'll never get rid of it but the less I use it the more
> I feel I can advocate to other gamers and gaming companies.
>     The last time I tried Cedega under Debian ww/my ATI 9800Pro the drivers
> were not far enough along to allow any modern game to run.  I'm curious if
> anyone has gotten an ATI 9600 or better card to work with something like City
> of Heroes, World of Warcraft or any other DX9 game.

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