Ad-hoc mode with bcm43xx

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Not the hints you want, but my experience.
This was done with a Windows machine (Intel/PRO tool) and a WET54g bridge in ad-hoc mode. Only operation with encryption disabled worked fine (sort of, it at least worked). Enabling WEP broke the connection beyond resolution. Use infrastructure if you can, is my general advice.
Something general:

	Test with encryption disabled.
	Add this later of the mix, it complicates the setup significantly.
	Get wireshark (successor of ethereal) to see whats going on the wire(less)
	Now you can see if you actually receive something.
	Ensure the name (ESSID) is the same on both devices
	Ensure the channel is set the same on both devices

Disable automatic configuration
I believe you can set the thing with iwconfig.
Something like "iwconfig eth1essid test mode Ad-Hoc channel 6"
(maybe you should add "commit" at the end of the line, but probably not)
Use ifconfig to set a fixed ip address.
Use wireshark and generate some traffic (doesn't care what, as long as wireless is used. Ping can come in handy as it generates ARP packets).
I don't use ubuntu as desktop/laptop. I only have a WRT54G with linux on it. I'm completely unfamiliar with any graphical tools for wireless on *nix.
This looks relevant too:
Hope this helps a little bit,
- - Joris Dobbelsteen

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	Could anybody give  me some hints on this?
	Thanks for your attention.

		Has any body tried Ad-hoc operations with the bcm43xx drivers.
		I tried to work it out.It does not come up in Adhoc mode but works ok in infrastructure mode.
		The adhoc peer has IW3945 driver support(b/g).
		Thank you for your attention.

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