What's going on with windowmaker?

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Sun Jan 28 05:29:09 UTC 2007

On Sun, 28. January 2007 03:44:17 Damien Hull wrote:
> What happened to the Windowmaker website? Is the project dead?
> http://www.windowmaker.info/

- A 'ping -c1 www.windowmaker.info' works as expected and gives the
- A 'whois windowmaker.info' shows that Alfredo Kojima is still the owner of
  the domain name.
- Opening www.windowmaker.info in my firefox gives 'The remote host or network
  may be down. Please try the request again.'

So I would think that Alfredo's apache is not working, may be because of 
maintenance or an software problem (or may be an Apache powwow :-)). The core 
systems seems to be up anyway because It answers to a ping recuest.

At latest after the weekend it should be up again and running.


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