Dual boot, but with two Linuxes

Mike f22raptorpilot at hotpop.com
Sat Jan 27 03:43:04 UTC 2007

Check the BIOS and if there IS a setting for boot order distinguishing
between different drives (which ALL modern BIOS's support), just use that.
That way there's no chance of screwing something up (well, at least with
regard to boot selection). 

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   I have a customer running FC4, and I want to migrate. There's an old
drive and a new drive, the new OS will be Dapper.  If/when a problem comes
up, I want to be able to rollback to their old system until I get the
problem resolved.

   It looks like I'll be editing grub on the primary drive if the bios
doesn't give me the simple "chose a drive" choice.

   Anyone have experience with this?  It sounds easy, but I'm not sanguine
about it's outcome...

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