John Dangler jdangler at
Fri Jan 26 23:42:15 UTC 2007

I'm running Dapper 6.06LTS

Looked into installing eclipse with apt-get -s install... got the
packages, recommended pkgs, and suggested pkgs.  Put them all together
into a single -s install, and got this as a result...

sudo apt-get -s install eclipse ant-doc libbsf-java liboro-java jython
antlr libjdepend-java libgnumail-java libxml-commons-resolver1.1-java
libcommons-net-java javacc junit-doc libbcel-java-doc
libcommons-beanutils-java-doc libcommons-collections-java-doc
libcommons-collections3-java-doc tomcat4 tomcat5 latex-xft-fonts
ecj-bootstrap ecj java-compiler eclipse-jdt-gcj eclipse-pde-gcj
eclipse-platform-gcj eclipse-rcp-gcj libswt3.1-gtk-gcj mozilla-psm

Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree... Done
Package jython is not available, but is referred to by another package.
This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
is only available from another source
E: Package jython has no installation candidate

Then tried this - 
sudo apt-cache search jython

And got this...

libbsf-java - Bean Scripting Framework to support scripting languages in
eclipse-pydev - Python development plug-in for Eclipse
eclipse-pydev-gcj - Python development plug-in for Eclipse (GCJ version)
python-all - Package depending on all supported Python runtime versions
python-all-dev - Package depending on all supported Python development

Do I need to install one or the other first?  Or is there something with
the original command that I screwed up?

(I picked eclipse to start with, since I think it will allow me to code
C, C++, Python, Ant, and Java in the same IDE) ...

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