Athlon 64 stability issues?

Mike Payson mike at
Fri Jan 26 19:21:20 UTC 2007

On 1/25/07, Severin Schoepke <severin.schoepke at> wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> Mike Payson schrieb:
> > I installed Ubuntu about a week or so ago. After frequent lockups
> > while trying to install the incorrect version (x86 on an Athlon 64), I
> > finally got it installed when I switched to the correct version.
> there is actually no 'incorrect' version for an Athlon64... You can
> install both the A64 and the x86 version on these CPU's. You don't have
> to use a 64 Bit OS on a 64 Bit CPU (Most people probably run 32 Bit OS's
> on their 64 Bit CPU's because the 64 Bit OS's normally have less
> features than the 32 Bit version. You don't get as much drivers for
> WinXP 64 as you get for WinXP 32 and you don't get all the software for
> Ubuntu 32 for ubuntu 64 (e.g. wine)).

That's what I thought as well, but it's certainly not true on my system. I
spent three days trying to get the live CD to not crash. Every time, the
entire system locked up with maybe 30 seconds (usuall less) of getting to
the desktop. I tried installing from the Alt CD and that worked, but it
locked up as soon as I launched my newly installed system. Once I switched
to the Athlon 64 system, things went fine.

Anyway, it turns out that the problem apparently was memory related. I've
been running now for 24 hours on just the single stick of ram, and
everything seems to be running fine. I had tentatively dismissed memory
since it was still failing to boot the live cd even after passing the
memtest, but it turns out that somehw in the last few days my live CD had a
tiny nick taken out of it, apparently right where some crucial file lives,
so that was causing it to fail. I had just installed less then a week ago
from the exact CD, so it didn't occur to me that it could now be bad, but as
soon as I burned a new copy of the CD, everything worked fine. I'll give it
a few more days before I finally consider the matter completely resolved,
but for now I'm cautiosly optimistic.

Thanks for everyoine's help!


> So with that info, here are my questions:
> > 2) Same question with the nVidia card/drivers.
> I actually start to believe that the NVidia drivers are not that
> stable... I have a Centrino laptop and an Athlon64 desktop that have
> nothing in common other than a NVidia graphics card... And on both I
> used to get this problem:
> It didn't happen for a long time, so maybe the newest NVidia drivers are
> more stable (I started to use the ones from Alberto Milone)...
> Not much helpful information, I know.... But maybe it helps somehow...
> cheers, Severin
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